While you are looking for excuses, this girl “built” a dream figure in just a year!

The problem of excess weight is familiar to many people around the world. Someone suffers from obesity, someone has a “life buoy” around their waist, and someone is simply unhappy with their reflection in the mirror and wants to lose a few extra pounds. Today we will talk about a girl named Natalia Kuzmich. She was dissatisfied with her figure, and the standard set of excuses all the time prevented her from making her better: husband, child and some other factors. But in the end, Natasha succeeded. One had only to accept the fact that family and work cannot become a hindrance on the path to a perfect body. Using this beautiful girl as an example, you will see that from an ordinary housewife in less than a year you can become a real fit-baby.

The main thing is the desire to become better

Natalia’s weight loss story dates back to the moment she gave birth to her daughter. As a dubious bonus, the girl gained about 7 extra pounds of weight and the hated “ears” on the buttocks. Of course, for some it may seem like pampering, but not for Natasha. The fact is that by nature it is small and fragile and with a growth of 162 centimeters weighed in the region of 47-48 kilograms. That is why a few extra pounds have significantly changed the figure of the heroine of today’s article.

Пока ты ищешь отговорки, эта девушка

The girl developed cellulite on her buttocks and thighs, as well as ugly sides in the waist area and folds on her stomach.

Natalia realized that the quality of her life had noticeably decreased. At the age of 28, she turned from a slender, attractive girl into a woman with noticeable flaws in her figure.

Пока ты ищешь отговорки, эта девушка

Where to get the motivation for the first step in the right direction

Natalia shared the thoughts that were then floating in her head. She was incredibly exhausted by life and all this daily routine – sometimes there was no time and effort left even to put herself in order or pay attention to her husband. The girl admits that at what moment she caught herself on a terrible thought – she almost resigned herself to the reflection in the mirror and the fact that she did not like herself.

Пока ты ищешь отговорки, эта девушка

If a person thinks that he does not have enough willpower to improve his figure, you can be sure that this is not so. It all depends on the goal. If you want to look good, then you will look good. If you want to eat a lot and tasty – this is your right. But the figure will also be appropriate. That is, it is important to correctly prioritize in your head.

There is one big difference between diet and good nutrition. The diet is aimed at drastic weight loss and “torment” of the body. It is harmful. When the diet is over, the weight is likely to return. But proper nutrition, if it has become a person’s way of life, will provide him with systematic weight loss and then – maintaining the required weight on a constant basis.

Mikhail Kuraksin, nutritionist

Not regular weight loss, but body building

Natalia realized that she wants not only to lose the extra 7 kilograms, but also to be proud of her reflection in the mirror.

Пока ты ищешь отговорки, эта девушка

The girl was so imbued with this idea that the process of restructuring the diet was almost painless. This was the first priority. Then Natalia began to replace bad habits with good ones. Everyone can do the same, and this will already give a good result. Even without playing sports.

Everything is easier than it seems

Caring mother and loving wife Natalia began her journey. She began to eat right and put on physical activity. Strength training every other day for 40-45 minutes. Cardio – 5 days a week for an hour.

Пока ты ищешь отговорки, эта девушка