What does the scheme of “building” a sports career look like – where to start, where to move?

Observing the success of professional athletes, many of us dream of achieving the same success. It is known that it is best to start training from early childhood, as the probability of reaching a sports Olympus is much higher. However, it is never too late to do something useful, as they say. Today we’ll talk about how to become an athlete, build a scheme for building a sports career.

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The right motivation for regular exercise

Motivation is the basis of regular training and further achievement of your goals. Without it, it is quite difficult to cope with the constantly increasing physical stress and restrictions that necessarily accompany any serious sports.

To find motivation, one should answer the question “Why am I doing this?” Set yourself a specific goal that is realistic to achieve. Also, do a few intermediate steps – so it will be easier for you to assess your progress and it is easier to motivate yourself for further achievements.

Don’t forget to read blogs or watch videos of the achievements of famous athletes.

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Daily routine

Strict adherence to the daily routine is one of the most important points for every athlete. And all aspects are important here. You must strictly follow the established schedule – get up and go to bed at a certain time, eat, go to work, go to workout. So doing sports will not only give the best result, but also will not interfere with the main activity – work, family.

The importance of proper sleep should be especially noted. With insufficient rest, the body will not have time to fully recover and rest after training, which means you will experience constant fatigue. Such a state is not the best way to affect the final result and will significantly postpone the time frame for achieving the set goal.

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The athlete must monitor his health. Regular check-ups with doctors are a prerequisite for building a sports future. Illness or pain is a good reason for skipping a workout.

Mikhail Firsov – sports doctor

Self Discipline

Professional athletes often emphasize the need for self-discipline. You should never allow yourself to be lazy. Indeed, in the sports field there is no place for idlers. Even if you missed one workout, this is a wake-up call, however, if you don’t have really good reason.

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Proper nutrition is the key to high sports results

If you train seriously, then the daily load on your body increases significantly. Therefore, you shouldn’t skip breakfast or snack on the go. Of course, each sport has its own rules of good nutrition. However, the main ones can be distinguished:

  • breakfast should be hearty, various cereals are ideal;
  • a small fruit snack is best done at 10-11 am;
  • take lunch break between 12 and 3 pm;
  • meals should be taken no later than an hour before training;
  • evening meal no later than 8 pm;
  • you can drink a glass of kefir just before bed.
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