Weekly menu for intense weight loss workouts

What to eat to lose weight is a question that torments absolutely everyone. But if the issue of losing weight is approached in a comprehensive manner and loads themselves with training, the PP menu should be not only special, but also weighed and balanced. Determination of the regime and diet depends on the wishes and the result set for the athlete.

Will PP help with weight loss and training

The question of proper nutrition has long worried the minds of losing weight. Some say that the features of the diet are useless, because there is intense training. However, experts express themselves unequivocally – proper nutrition is the main assistant in the fight against extra pounds.

There are several reasons to reconsider the diet:

  1. Foods with fast carbohydrates are removed from the diet. Buns, cakes can saturate for a short time, while they contain a huge amount of harmful sugar. Carbohydrates are broken down without giving useful substances, but are immediately deposited on the sides.
  2. Spread food into multiple portions. Fractional nutrition in small portions helps you not to feel hungry, the body does not require food to generate energy.

The exclusion of fast carbohydrates from the diet contributes to the normalization of the metabolic process. The body begins to use fat reserves without accumulating new ones.

Tatiana, nutritionist, fitness instructor

Меню на неделю при интенсивных тренировках для похудения

Features of PP during intense training

The diet for intensive training for losing weight is made up of certain foods. They are also consumed at certain times of the day. For example, oranges, grapefruit should not be eaten for breakfast, because they are high in acid and are not recommended for dinner due to their high sugar content.

Any fresh product with a high acid content should not be eaten on an empty stomach due to the risk of irritation of the mucous membranes, possible problems with the gastrointestinal tract .

It is best to leave citruses and tomatoes for lunch. Natural acid will help break down fats, making them less harmful to the body. And a few more features:

  1. Carbohydrates. They are consumed before lunch.
  2. Vegetables. Needed for lunch, dinner.
  3. Fish. A fish dinner is the best solution.
  4. Meat. Eat for lunch.

The proposed scheme will help speed up metabolism and achieve results faster.

Меню на неделю при интенсивных тренировках для похудения

What are the results achieved at the PP

Proper nutrition plus intense training will ensure the best results. However, don’t expect instant weight loss. The stagnant metabolism needs to be accelerated, only after that the kilograms will start to go away, and the fat deposits “melt”.

A sharp dump of mass is dangerous to health, the goal of PP is to make the process of losing weight smooth, inevitable . In addition to a balanced diet, cardio workouts (up to 4 times a week), daily exercise or walking for 30 minutes are suitable.

Меню на неделю при интенсивных тренировках для похудения

Sample menu for a week with intense workouts for weight loss

The menu is designed for a daily intake of no more than 880 kcal, all food is divided into several meals:

  1. Monday. They eat 100 g of cottage cheese, 3 eggs, 500 g of vegetables, drinks without sugar and kefir.
  2. Tuesday: 150 cereals (cooked in milk or broth), 250 ml of soup, 300 g of vegetables, 100 g of meat, tea with milk without sugar, kefir.
  3. Wednesday: 150 g fish, 300 g vegetables, 200 g meat, kefir, drinks without sugar.
  4. Thursday: repeat the Monday menu.
  5. Friday: 200 g of cottage cheese, 3 boiled eggs, 300 g of vegetables, 150 g of poultry, kefir, drinks.
  6. Saturday: 250 g cereal soup, 150 g meat, 300 g vegetables (salad), drinks, kefir.
  7. Sunday: 200 g omelet with cheese, 150 g poultry, 450 g vegetables, 100 g fish, kefir and drinks.

The menu must be supplemented with clean water without gas . Drinks are taken without sugar. Fresh fruit is also introduced into the diet in an amount of up to 200 g every day. Fruit is chosen with a low sugar content and is used as a snack or dessert at lunch.

Меню на неделю при интенсивных тренировках для похудения

Possible in quantities not exceeding 100 g per day:

  • curd cheese;
  • cheese up to 30% fat;
  • starchy vegetables.

Strongly prohibited: alcohol, baked goods, sugar in any form and corn .

Меню на неделю при интенсивных тренировках для похудения
Unhealthy products will have to be discarded

Possible in very small quantities: vegetables containing starch; cheese (fat content up to 30%); fruits in small quantities; cottage cheese.

Not allowed: alcohol; corn; bakery products; sugar.