TOP-7 famous women with mountains of muscles (female bodybuilders)

Society is accustomed to the fact that most girls try to be gentle and fragile persons. However, such a desire is not to the liking of all the fair sex. Some girls have chosen a very unusual path for themselves in the form of professional bodybuilding. These are the ladies that we will talk about today.

Anna Luisa Freitas from Brazil

This woman from Brazil is 44 years old, but this does not prevent her from being in good shape. No, just in incredible shape! This lady can boast of huge amounts of muscles that many men only dreamed in their dreams.

The girl started working with “iron” at the age of 26, then she was engaged in weightlifting. Soon bodybuilding entered her life. Constant training, an appropriate lifestyle and proper “nutrition” allowed Anna to gain such a huge muscle mass.

ТОП-7 известных женщин с горами мышц (девушки-бодибилдеры)

A woman wins all sorts of competitions with enviable regularity, works as a personal trainer and often pleases her admirers with candid images in mesh dresses on the Web.

Susie Cortez is a Brazilian model

This Brazilian model is popular not only in her homeland (she was born in Brazil), but all over the world. The girl’s Instagram is replete with candid photos, which “drives her fans crazy”. However, the model became famous not only for her beautiful figure, but also because of a loud scandal.

ТОП-7 известных женщин с горами мышц (девушки-бодибилдеры)

This approach to business girls not everyone liked. In 2016, Cortez starred in a candid photo shoot, wearing a T-shirt with the name Messi. After that, the model sent these naughty pictures to Lionel Messi. The footballer, and especially his significant other, did not appreciate this act of the Brazilian and blocked her Instagram profile.

Natalia Kuznetsova from Russia

This girl, originally from the Russian Federation, has several records to her credit. In particular, she became the European champion in deadlift and bench press.

ТОП-7 известных женщин с горами мышц (девушки-бодибилдеры)

The woman also managed to set several world records in the above exercises.

Natalia shares her success and training with her fans through her Instagram page.

Julia Vince – young athlete from Engels

Now this girl is 24 years old, and she started training with “iron” at 15. At first, the goal was to improve her health, but after a while Vince began to train professionally. Julia shows good results in weightlifting.

ТОП-7 известных женщин с горами мышц (девушки-бодибилдеры)

Janice Garay is an athlete, look like Jennifer Lopez

This athlete has become incredibly popular due to the fact that she looks like two peas in a pod like the famous actress Jennifer Lopez.

ТОП-7 известных женщин с горами мышц (девушки-бодибилдеры)

The girl’s fans in the comments suggest that Janice should contact Jennifer Lopez and have a joint workout by posting a video on TikTok.

Robin Hillis – sportswoman and grandmother of three grandchildren

Robin is a bodybuilding fan. At 48, she is already the grandmother of three grandchildren. Lives in Canada and works as a prison warden.

ТОП-7 известных женщин с горами мышц (девушки-бодибилдеры)