The best manufacturers of sports nutrition

Everyone needs sports nutrition. And this is not an advertising slogan, but reality. People who do not go in for sports consider special food necessary “for jocks.” But this is not the case. It is true that highly specialized supplements are useless for an ordinary person, but sports nutrition will help restore metabolic processes, improve the figure. In addition, fitness today is not a “simulator”, but more than 25 areas of training for good physical shape.

What are the benefits of sports nutrition

Experts recommend taking note of the products of sports nutrition companies for everyone who cares about their health. Benefits of complex supplements:

  • balanced amount of trace elements, minerals;
  • high quality raw materials;
  • maximum benefit;
  • healthy food.

Reliable sports nutrition manufacturers use only natural products. And by this the complexes compare favorably with other “natural” products. A normally healthy athlete knows that he needs protein, glucose, fats and everything else.

Correctly selected sports nutrition will help to establish water, carbohydrate, fat metabolism, restore metabolism. Unlike conventional foods, balanced complexes already contain minerals and vitamins. Such products are much cheaper than vitamin complexes and are selected in such a way that they are best absorbed by the body.

Nim Murillo fitness expert , supplements and sports nutrition

The best food manufacturers offer their products in chain stores. TOP-5 companies are recognized and popular among international athletes.

Number 1: Optimum Nutrition 

The American company produces premium goods. This is the most famous brand, founded in 1986 by the Costello brothers. For decades, the company has been at the top of the ratings and is distinguished by high quality products. The firm is the official partner of the “star” status bodybuilders and maintains its status as much as possible.

The most famous products include whey protein and mineral supplements. Products are prepared for universal use, there are also brands for nutrition for men and women .

Number 2: Universal Nutrition 

Another representative of the foreign community, whose company has been operating since 1977. Universal Nutrition’s impeccable reputation is backed by exceptional product quality.

Each complex of the company is a bestseller, guaranteeing the result declared by the manufacturer. The quality of the goods is so good that it is recognized as the “gold standard” in many countries . The company takes the second number of the rating only because of the dim advertising. The company offers products to a wide range of consumers, including novice athletes and everyone who cares about their health.

Number 3: BSN 

The manufacturer offers products that deserve special attention. In addition to proteins, the complex includes carbohydrates. Due to the second component, the products provide a quick set of muscle mass, and are in demand among bodybuilders. Also in the product line there is a unique product – a complex with amino acids. It is a great meal supplement for every healthy person.

Number 4: Ultimate Nutrition 

Ultimate Nutrition was one of the first representatives of the sports nutrition industry. World-class athletes are familiar with the BCAA complex that ensures healthy ligaments and joints . The assortment of the company includes many high-quality goods, which, with their exceptional characteristics, are distinguished by affordable prices.

Number 5: Scitec Nutrition 

Another American manufacturer with a wide range of sports nutrition products. The company’s complexes are familiar to people who want to ensure the health of joints, ligaments . The products include liquid collagen compounds, are of excellent quality, but are inexpensive. The company moved its production facilities to Hungary, allowing itself to maintain an average price line.