Protein shake – does it really help you build muscle faster?

It is believed that gaining muscle mass is needed exclusively for pitching. They say, for bodybuilders “the more sculpted muscles, the better.” But in reality, the same mass is required for ordinary visitors to gyms, even those who have set themselves the goal of losing a little or a lot of weight. Body health is not only the beauty of muscles, but also strong bones, elastic ligaments.

After the body begins to burn subcutaneous fat stores, it needs to gain mass. Otherwise, the deep layers of fatty deposits will remain intact. It turns out that high-quality fat burning is impossible without building muscle mass.

Белковый коктейль - действительно ли помогает быстрее нарастить мышечную массу?

Why Protein Shakes & Supplements

Protein shakes help build muscle mass – this is the answer to the question “why use them.” Muscle gain occurs only if there is a sufficient amount of protein, protein, amino acids. If the body lacks protein, proteins, even the most powerful sports loads will not give the expected result.

Protein is an essential component for building muscle. Therefore, diets for athletes (and for those who are losing weight) are often based on protein foods. If there are few protein components, during training the body will become more toned, but “dry” and pumped up muscle relief will not appear.

Белковый коктейль - действительно ли помогает быстрее нарастить мышечную массу?

In order to quickly build muscle mass, an athlete needs to consume up to 4500 kcal per day. Eating so much protein in regular food will not work, the way out is protein shakes, with a high content of essential components. Cocktails have a pleasant taste, are easy to prepare and assimilate by the body.

Alexander Shchukin, competitive bodybuilder

Benefits of Eating Protein Formulas

Protein is important not only for gaining muscle mass, but also for the full development of the whole organism. The largest known protein, titin. It contains about 38,000 amino acids. It is titin that is the main component of muscle fibers. The protein filler is responsible for the “healing” of micro-tears in muscle tissue, due to which muscle building occurs.

Any load on the muscles provokes the appearance of minor injuries, cracks. Proteins contribute to overgrowing of injuries, increasing muscle volume .

Protein shakes are a versatile supplement that is not only associated with muscle growth, but performs a number of essential functions:

  1. Catalytic. Due to the use of proteins, the biochemical processes of the body are accelerated, including cell synthesis, tissue regeneration.
  2. Protective. Protein helps muscles to cope with high loads, to recover from exhausting workouts.
  3. Signal. Due to the signaling function, tissue cells interact with each other.
  4. Exchange. Protein structures provide delivery of oxygen, vitamins to tissues, and remove carbon dioxide.

Protein is essential for motor functions that make muscle fibers and tissues move.

Белковый коктейль - действительно ли помогает быстрее нарастить мышечную массу?

What protein shakes are made of

Sports nutrition manufacturers offer ready-made formula. These are powder concentrates with a high content of protein, proteins, amino acids, vitamins. Balanced products do not require long cooking and are easily absorbed by the body.

Choosing ready-made cocktails, you shouldn’t save . The higher the quality of the product, the safer it is for the body. Budget counterparts are no worse in composition, but the rate of muscle gain may be lower.

Белковый коктейль - действительно ли помогает быстрее нарастить мышечную массу?

Making cocktails at home is an alternative to expensive ready-made formulations. Milk or low-fat kefir is taken as a basis. Add cottage cheese, eggs, natural carbohydrates and sweeteners (fruits, honey, sugar, jam). Protein shakes are made in portions, for each meal. After 2-3 hours, such a composition is not recommended to be consumed. To achieve the desired consistency, the products are mixed with a blender and a delicious and healthy cocktail is drunk.

Белковый коктейль - действительно ли помогает быстрее нарастить мышечную массу?