It turns out that hanging on the horizontal bar is extremely useful!

In today’s article, we will focus on such a simple and useful exercise as hanging on a bar. It is performed elementary, and the effect is simply amazing. Proof of this is the fact that many athletes regularly do it.

Why is it useful to hang on a horizontal bar

Daily hanging on the horizontal bar is useful. Here’s why.

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Hanging on the bar has a positive effect on the health of the entire spine

In addition to being good for the spine, it also strengthens the grip and develops arm strength. That is why almost all boxers do it.

Also, let’s not forget that hanging on the bar can slightly increase a person’s height. Anyway, some scientific studies tell us about it.

People who practice martial arts (not only boxers) regularly hang on the bar because it relaxes and stretches the muscles well.

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Hanging on the bar as one of the ways to solve the problem with the shoulder joint

The fact is that quite a few people suffer from discomfort or severe pain in their shoulders. In such situations, the classic treatment is physical therapy and, of course, relaxation. If this method turns out to be ineffective, most often people are advised to have surgery. But even this does not guarantee that discomfort or pain in the shoulders will completely disappear.

History of American physician John Kirsch

A physician from the United States named John Kirsch somehow suffered a shoulder injury. Subsequently, an operation was performed, but it did not give the desired result. The pain decreased, but the discomfort remained severe.

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That’s why the doctor started looking for alternative ways to cope with her problem. Kirsch suggested that regular hanging on the bar might be helpful in this situation. As you know, the best way to test the relevance of a theory is to prove it in a practical way. Which, in fact, John did. He started hanging on the horizontal bar for 2 minutes every day. The doctor was greatly surprised by the results of his experiment – after a few months the pain in the shoulder completely disappeared.

After this story, the doctor began to practice this method on his patients suffering from discomfort in the shoulder joints. And almost all of them got better after hanging on the bar for several months.

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What the study results tell us John Kirsch

The doctor’s research has shown that regular hanging on the bar can help to straighten the acromion.

If a person hangs on the bar every day for at least a few minutes, this can help get rid of discomfort in the shoulder joints .. Of course, this exercise cannot be considered a panacea for all injuries, because the shoulder joint itself has complex device. However, if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your shoulders and conventional treatment is not working, it probably makes sense to try hanging from a bar.

Dr. John Kirsch

What are the options for doing the exercise

Next, let’s talk about the types of hanging.

Оказывается, вис на турнике чрезвычайно полезен!