How to eat a freelancer who is at the computer all the time

If someone says that freelancers “sit at home all day,” he would be right. Work does not require daily trips to the office, running around for customers and other movements. But sitting on the fifth point, freelancers make good money. This means that they need quality food. And, preferably, make the diet balanced, otherwise you will have to change the chair every year, picking up more and more seat width.

Как питаться фрилансеру, который все время у компьютера

The Freelance Nutrition Myth: You Eat Little To Be Thin

Freelancing, as well as copyrighting, is an ambiguous craft. First you need to find a client, then do the work for him and only then get paid. And this is where the opportunity to eat well appears. And what to take – sushi and pizza, or get by with a green salad?

Modern society has convinced itself that thinness directly depends on the amount eaten. This is complete nonsense – you need to eat as much as you want. Potential thinness will attract so many problems to life, which are scary even to remember. The question is not how much we eat, but what exactly we consume.

The effectiveness of any diet for weight loss lies in one rule – to create a calorie deficit. With a lack of calories, the body uses hidden reserves. In this particular case, these are fat reserves. Calorie counting does not in any way affect the composition of a balanced menu. Foods with high nutritional properties, a set of useful trace elements and vitamins are low in calories. So they should form the basis of nutrition for people who monitor the length of the trouser belt.

Nutritionist, Founder School of Conscious Eating

Как питаться фрилансеру, который все время у компьютера

What should be in the diet of a freelancer

First and foremost – green vegetables, leaves. The more edible herb, the better. Whether it’s parsley, lettuce, cilantro and other herbs, it doesn’t matter. Greens are the best protector against gastrointestinal problems, the main source of minerals and trace elements. Coarse green fibers help to normalize intestinal motility and save you from trouble with stool .

Как питаться фрилансеру, который все время у компьютера

The second is porridge. Any cereals cooked in water or milk are complex carbohydrates. They break down for a long time, provide satiety for several hours. Buckwheat porridge is especially good for freelancers. This cereal is full of iron (which is necessary to protect the sedentary body from anemia), complete protein and amino acids .

Seafood and fish are “bronze medalists” in the list of healthy products. This also includes seaweed, which contains iodine, manganese, magnesium, zinc – everything that is needed for the brain. Fish will provide phosphorus, and it helps to concentrate and work the brain for a long time and efficiently, as well as enhances creativity.

By the way, the best fish for a freelancer is cod. When choosing between fish and meat, it is more profitable to give preference to fish. Even regular pollock is much healthier for the sedentary freelancer than lean turkey meat .

Как питаться фрилансеру, который все время у компьютера

How about coffee and cookies

No project can do without coffee (tea) and cookies (sweets). Someone replaces coffee with jelly or compote, and cookies with sweets – buns or waffles. But the problem is different – these sweets never end. And, by the way, they are not so harmful. If you choose wholemeal flour products instead of sweet treats, your intestines will say “thank you very much”.

This dessert is almost as healthy as porridge. But only if there are cookies without fanaticism, without getting carried away. As for coffee, nutritionists are still arguing about its dangers and benefits. Useful is considered exclusively grain coffee, brewed or brewed before use. Instant powder is made at the factory and no one knows what is mixed there. There are many benefits to brewed coffee:

  1. Gorgeous scent. This smell stimulates the brain as well as an invigorating shower.
  2. You cannot drink a lot of freshly brewed coffee. If you get up every time, light the gas, grind grains, take a Turk … It turns out exactly a cup of a gorgeous drink.
  3. We got up and welded, which means we got away from the PC or laptop. This exercise will be beneficial for the body.

Sources indicate allowable consumption of freshly brewed coffee per day – from 5 to 7 cups of 50 ml . But here it is better to focus on your own tastes and health.

Как питаться фрилансеру, который все время у компьютера

How to Lose Weight

A whole day of work at the computer, cookies and lack of activity will sooner or later lead to the appearance of extra folds on the stomach, hips and other problem areas. There are many ways to burn calories – experts say Nordic walking is the best way to do this.

Nordic or Scandinavian walking is a type of movement with two trekking sticks in hand. Walking is second in calorie burning, and cycling is third. Running and swimming are useful for freelancers, but not always effective as a way to combat excess weight.

To lose weight, you need to take at least 10 thousand steps a day. The replacement will be a warm-up every 2 hours for 5-7 minutes plus morning exercises for 15 minutes. Which exercise to choose depends on your health condition. You can do with the simplest bends, twists, squats.

Как питаться фрилансеру, который все время у компьютера