How much to jog per day on a treadmill to eat whatever you want (calorie count)

If excess weight prevents you from buttoning your skirt and says a resolute “no” to your favorite jeans, it’s time to take some action. If the weather is flying and you want to breathe in the exhaust of cars, you can take a run. But if the weather leaves much to be desired, the wind-blown park, the avenue does not inspire confidence, the home comfort of a treadmill would be a very good alternative.

Сколько бегать в день на беговой дорожке, чтобы есть все, что захочется (подсчет калорий)

How to run on the treadmill at home and lose weight

The treadmill is considered the most suitable means for the “war” with extra pounds. Also, while running, you have time to read an article that was published on the Parimatch blog. The main thing here is not to be ashamed, not to be lazy and not to deviate from the intended goal. But first, it’s worth choosing a tactic. Experts recommend taking note of two “tactics of war” for weight loss – long run and interval jogging.

The alternation of the two types of running burns calories perfectly, helps to reach the goal as soon as possible . The body will not have time to adapt to the constant load, which is why it will be forced to use hidden reserves, that is, accumulated fat.

When calorie counter data is displayed on the treadmill screen, it is a stretch to count the readability. All manufacturers provide an increased count so that people can enjoy their achievements .

Starting a war with kilograms, you need to drink more. If health permits, they drink up to 2.5 liters of clean water per day. A dehydrated body will not be able to maintain the desired metabolic rate, moreover, a glass of water can discourage the desire to eat something.

Сколько бегать в день на беговой дорожке, чтобы есть все, что захочется (подсчет калорий)

How much to jog per day on a treadmill: recommendations

Athletes recommend choosing a specific strategy for themselves that will meet their goals. It will also help determine the time of daily activities for those who do not want to limit themselves in their diet.

Strategy 1: Lose weight to get fit

The purpose of this strategy is not to let yourself sit too long, not to get fat from the goodies eaten in a day, plus lose weight by 2-5 kg. Recommendations are as follows:

  1. Run every workday. It’s only 5 days a week.
  2. Start with 10 minutes of class. After 2 days, increase the time to 15-20 minutes. Gradually increase the duration of classes to half an hour.
  3. Maintain an average running pace. No need to drive yourself into a sweat.
  4. Alternate long run and interval run. Let’s say 5 minutes at an average pace, then 5 minutes at a fast pace, then again 5 minutes at an average pace. Rest 2 minutes and repeat the course.

During a break, do not stop, go to a step. This workout will help “dry” the body, burn light subcutaneous fat .

Сколько бегать в день на беговой дорожке, чтобы есть все, что захочется (подсчет калорий)

Strategy 2: Lose weight 10 pounds or more

This strategy is just right for people who are not mistaken about the initial state of the body. Also, training is needed for people who do not want to give up tasty and certainly harmful dishes on the menu.

The tough fight against body fat and excess calories begins with preparing yourself for real workouts. The rules here are:

  1. Begin classes with half an hour. Any pace can be chosen. The best option is an average pace with sharp but short accelerations. The track itself, which has a built-in program, can help here .
  2. Classes should be regular. In order not to overload the muscles, but not to give yourself the opportunity to relax, they train every other day, 3-4 times a week. For a day of rest, the muscles will have time to recover. The next workout, the body will work well.
  3. Gradually increase the class time. Ultimately, the duration should be 50-60 minutes. But to drive yourself for hours is not worth it, this can lead to a sharp deterioration in health .

“Before starting a workout, it is imperative to assess your own condition, weight. You can eat and not get fat, but only by creating yourself a calorie deficit. This is achieved in two ways – by limiting the calorie content of food or increasing physical activity. In our case, exercise on a treadmill means an increase in physical activity. To eat whatever you want and not get fat, they run up to 50 minutes a day at an average pace with short-term accelerations. ”

Fitness club instructor, experienced master

Сколько бегать в день на беговой дорожке, чтобы есть все, что захочется (подсчет калорий)

Very massive people who want to get rid of the load, you need to start classes not by running, but by walking. It is enough to walk up to 7 km a day twice a week for 1 hour exactly one month. Then increase the load by switching to a slow run . Increase the load with every ten kilo lost.

Сколько бегать в день на беговой дорожке, чтобы есть все, что захочется (подсчет калорий)