Exercise for knee joints – to strengthen for the future and relieve yourself of pain

A huge number of people around the world suffer from knee problems. This is a common problem that affects people of almost all ages. However, of course, this issue becomes especially acute over time, when a person reaches a respectable age. Today we’ll talk about what exercises make sense to do to strengthen knee joints for the future and get rid of annoying pain.

Where does knee pain come from?

It is generally accepted that older people experience problems with knee joints. This is partly true, but a lot depends on the human body itself and its lifestyle. In most cases, this is the immobility of our joints, which over time begins to manifest itself in the form of pain. In an amicable way, our joints should have amplitude movements on a regular basis.

Упражнение для коленных суставов - чтобы укрепить на будущее и избавить себя от болей

A person leading a sedentary lifestyle will sooner or later face problems with the knee joints, because blood circulation is impaired from year to year.

There is also a reverse side of the coin. Trouble with knees also catches up with those whose lifestyle is too mobile. This is why some cyclists, and especially runners, start to have these problems with age.

Let’s talk about what to do with all this.

If the surgeon said that it is necessary to remove the meniscus or suggested any other surgical intervention, this is not a sentence. Of course, the case is different, and sometimes you can’t do without surgery. However, in some cases, you can try to repair your knee joints yourself using special stretching exercises and fascial knee massage. For this you need some kind of video. You can also use a soft ball for massage.

Anna Ermakova, fitness trainer

Knee rehabilitation roller

Practice shows that sometimes doctors can offer a patient suffering from problems with knee joints, surgery.

Упражнение для коленных суставов - чтобы укрепить на будущее и избавить себя от болей

This, for example, can be a meniscus operation. However, not every person will do this. First, surgery is not cheap. And, secondly, the operation, even the simplest one, is always a little scary.

In this case, you can try to restore your knee joints using a special roller, stretching exercises and fascial massage.

How is fascial massage of the knee joints done

So, we take a special roll or a regular rolling pin, kneel down and put the above inventory under the knee, clamp it, gently sitting down. In this position, pain is most likely to occur. Your task is to lightly press your hand on the thigh, under which the roller is located.

Next option. Take the roller and start rolling it along the popliteal cavity.

You also need to work on the front surface. To do this, put the leg at an angle of 90 degrees, press the roll on the area of ​​the thigh above the knee (where the muscles are attached), and balance the inventory to the right and left, performing swaying movements. You can also make rolling movements, but you don’t need to put too much pressure on the roller.