An example of charging for 15 minutes so as not to get fat with a sedentary lifestyle

Diseases of the heart, bones, internal organs – all these are the consequences of physical inactivity. A sedentary lifestyle is not normal for a person and therefore the body “rebel”. In order not to let yourself wither, not to get fat and not get sick without moving, you need to exercise. No, no strength training or gyms, no need to buy expensive equipment – all elements require a minimum of costs. The main thing is to find 15 minutes a day to relax and maintain your health.

Example of 15 minutes charging for a sedentary lifestyle

First, let’s define what 15 minutes is:

  • one unnecessary phone conversation;
  • scrolling through the news feed without remembering events;
  • mindlessly lying …

All this can be replaced by charging. It will bring much more benefits, will keep the body in excellent condition, not get fat and not get sick from a sedentary lifestyle.

Пример зарядки на 15 минут, чтобы не толстеть при малоподвижном образе жизни

Exercise 1: Reaching Upward With Pleasure

Stand on the floor, feet shoulder-width apart:

  • times – raise your arms up through the sides;
  • two – to raise hands on toes;
  • three – get down on your heels;
  • four – give up.

Do up to 10 reps in total.

Exercise 2: Raising the arms

Stand on your feet, raise one hand, lower the other. Change the position of the hands one or two. Do up to 10 reps.

Exercise 3: Swing the legs

Stand up, spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Put one hand on the belt, the other rest on the back of the chair:

  • fold – swing one leg forward;
  • two – swing the same leg back;
  • three – put your foot;
  • four – swing the second leg forward;
  • five – swing the second leg back;
  • six – put the other leg.

Repeat the exercise up to 5 times for each leg.

Exercise 4: Standing Bends

Stand up straight and lean forward several times – that’s the whole exercise. It is imperative to monitor your breathing, bend as you exhale, and lift as you inhale. Up to 8 repetitions are done in total. Hands can be extended in front of you or folded at the waist.

Exercise 5: Forward Lunge

Stand up, spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Stretch your arms forward at chest level:

  • times – step forward with the right leg with a jerk of the arms;
  • two – dash for 3 seconds;
  • three – return to the SP.

Repeat the exercise for the left leg. Do up to 10 reps for each leg in total. Do not lower your arms, do not round your back, keep your head straight and straight .

Working from home makes it much easier to keep your body in good shape. Even if activities require a sedentary lifestyle, there is always the opportunity to get up and exercise a little. A warm-up should be done with the slightest discomfort in the back and legs. In a sitting position, the back remains bent, deep muscles are strained, which quickly begin to hurt. The simplest warm-up helps to reduce muscle tone, give them relaxation, and restore blood flow. And for office workers, we offer a 10-minute warm-up – try it, it’s quick, simple and will help relieve stress:

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Пример зарядки на 15 минут, чтобы не толстеть при малоподвижном образе жизни

Some tips on how not to get fat with a sedentary lifestyle

Physical activity is good, but it does not hurt to take into account the recommendations of experts:

  1. Eat every 2 hours. Make portions small, give preference to herbs, raw or boiled vegetables, lean meat. If you eat up to 6-8 times a day, there will be practically no hunger, the body will not even understand that it has been deprived of bread and rolls.
  2. Make the last snack 6 hours before bedtime. And then just water, but with lemon, honey, dried fruits, but no sugar.
  3. Include intermittent fasting in the weight loss system. This is a real panacea for everyone who does not want to get fat. In the standard version, they starve up to 16 hours, but you can start from 10-12 hours. That is, 12 hours should pass between the last evening meal and the first morning meal. Dined at 20.00, breakfast at 08.00.

Don’t forget about water. To lose weight, you need to drink water without gas, sugar, sweeteners. Drink water before, during, after and instead of meals . Sometimes a person eats out of boredom, a glass of hot clean water will deceive the brain and for a while the feeling of hunger will recede.

Пример зарядки на 15 минут, чтобы не толстеть при малоподвижном образе жизни