5 intrigues of the season in football Europe


For the fans of Blaugranas, Koeman has become a real breath of air after the departure of Kike Setien. The Dutchman has long defended the club’s colors, shares his philosophy, and has extensive experience in coaching – all this makes him a real panacea in the eyes of Barça fans. However, in order to return the Catalans back to the leading positions in Europe, Koeman will have to deal with a colossal layer of problems. At least he will have to somehow work with Messi, who was downright eager to leave The ex-coach of the Netherlands national team must also solve the problem of the shortage of players, which the club faced last season. In the course of the 19/20 championship, the following picture could be seen: 70 percent of young people who were not trained were on the bench. The bottom line is the lack of choice if necessary to strengthen the game. Now they also sold Suarez (and even for a mere penny by football standards) to their principal rival. The question is – who will be found to replace him?

In addition to solving psychological issues with Messi, Koeman will have to figure out how to use the Argentine on the field, because everyone has long understood: close Messi – Barcelona’s game will fall apart. 17-year-old Ansu Fati, who made a good start and scored 3 goals in two starting matches, could be a solution to this problem. Under Valverde and Setiena, many stars relaxed a lot: they did not finish the chances to the end, they did not go into the fight, they returned extremely sluggishly to the defense. In this regard, they had the toughness and exactingness of Jurgen Klopp, who literally executed his players, regardless of their regalia. They will have to somehow motivate the rest of the players, not taking into account Leo. It seems that having won the Champions League in 2015, the players of this club decided that there is nothing more to achieve, that they all do not play for the sake of the club and the fans, but simply work out their contracts. What were the shameful defeats to Liverpool and Roma after confident home games with a difference of three goals …

If Mr. Koeman still manages to deal with all this, and even gets 3-4 strong players in addition (here already questions, rather, to the club’s management), then there is a great chance that he will be able to repeat the triumph of Luis Enrique who took the treble in his debut season as Barcelona helmsman.


Keeping Holland and Sancho, Borussia also retained the chances of fighting for the championship in the Bundesliga. The two young talents are able to play perfectly in conjunction and perfectly understand each other. Last season, Sancho and Holland hit 30 goals for two, which is almost 40 percent of all team goals – not bad, you must agree. An important component of the Bumblebee’s success will be Marco Reuss, or rather, his absence of injuries that have crippled the German’s career so much. The chances of the yellow-blacks for a trophy also depend on how the main rivals, Bayern Munich and Leipzig, will walk the distance. And both of these teams, by the way, lost points in the first two rounds, releasing Hoffenheim to the first place.

The problem may be the lack of substitution for the main goalkeeper of the team – Roman Bürki, who has already been injured. The Swiss footballer played 31 matches in the last league season, so head coach Favre Lucien urgently needs to look for, if not a goalkeeper of the same level, then at least close to Bürki’s abilities .

Borussia’s attacking line is like a rebound. All players are very speedy and technical: Holland, Sancho, Brandt, Hazard, Royce – each will replace everyone, but the lack of defenders can play a cruel joke with the yellow-blacks during the season. It will be all the more interesting to see how the coach and management cope with the difficulties and try to compete with Bayern.


Londoners literally blew up the transfer market in the last transfer window: Werner, Havertz, Thiago Silva, Sarr, Chilwell, Ziyech – all these are players who can play in the starting lineup, and some even have every chance of becoming the leaders of the “retirees”. The problem is how to fit all the stars onto the field. How to put last season’s top scorer Abraham and star Werner on the same roster? How to give enough playing time to Ziyech, Mount, Havertz and Pulisic – four players who can play in the same position? Yes, Pulisic, of course, gravitates more to the flank, but there are not so many flank attackers in the London squad, which means that you will either have to focus on the center of the field, again somehow accommodating all the attacking players there, or move someone some of them to a non-core position on the flank, thereby weakening it.

Even if there are a whole lot of star players in the blue squad, they all need time to play, and the coach needs to fully understand how to use them all. So far, Lampard is having a hard time with this task: his team beat Brighton, was defeated by Liverpool and in an extremely entertaining match managed to level the score after 0: 3 in the mast with the not-so-powerful West Bromwich. > – not the best start to the season. At the moment, everything suggests that the team is very raw, even despite the presence of experienced players in the squad. What will happen next? Will be seen throughout the season, but at the moment the situation with Chelsea is not encouraging.


The appointment of Pirlo, who had just finished coaching courses, was a surprise for the fans of the “old lady”, because his experience on the coaching bridge is a week of leading the youth team of Juve. The same Zidane had two years of experience at Castilla and a year as assistant to Ancelotti, Pirlo has nothing. How can he deal with several problems at once that even the experienced Sarri could not cope with? It will be necessary to somehow fit in the composition of two star strikers – Ronaldo and Dybala, who, moreover, they are not used to working out in defense. Because of this, we had to sacrifice the attacking potential of the team, relying on physically tough players in midfield, and not on technical and creative midfielders, since they will have to play defense for Dybala with KriRo.

Pirlo himself, being an expert on Italian TV, criticized Sarri for the fact that he uses players in midfield who are not able to bring the ball to Ronaldo at the right time. “I want the team to play all-out attacking football, so that 11 people both attack and defend,” Andrea wrote in his diploma coaching work. But this, as a rule, does not work in stellar clubs that have top forwards in their cage. With the conditional Sampdoria – yes, but not with Juventus.

It is unclear how Pirlo will cope with the lack of balance in the team, because there are already three right-wingers in the squad: Kulusevski, Bernardeschi and Costa, and only one left – Ronaldo. For a long time, the “zebras” did not even have a clean forward, only now they have signed Morata, who has lost his form. How inexperienced Pirlo will cope with this mess, and whether Juventus will not miss the Scudetto for the first time in 10 years is a big question.


Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City and Man United are the undisputed leaders of the Premier League, and practically every season there is only one question – in what order will they be in the standings in the bottom line. But now everything is different. Arsenal are not in their best condition, even though the Gunners have taken two trophies in the last six months. Arteta is just starting the reconstruction of the team, so the likelihood that Arsenal will be able to compete for medals is not so high. And frankly speaking, the last season did not work out for Londoners – 8th place in the championship is clearly not an acceptable result for such an ambitious team.

Tottenham is an unpredictable club in itself, and even more so now, when the equally changeable Jose Mourinho is at the helm. Spurs practically did not strengthen in this transfer window. The only really strong acquired player was Sergio Regilon. We also bought Matt Doherty and Pierre Heiberg, but they can hardly be called a strengthening of the main team. Most likely, they will just become an extension of the bench.

It turns out that in the TOP-6 there may be two completely vacant places, and some clubs may very well compete for them. I think they will be Everton, Leicester and Wolverhampton.

The Foxes finished fifth in the league last season, but won’t that be the maximum? Brendan Rogers’ main headache is injuries among top players. As soon as one of the leaders dropped out, the team immediately lost points , so in the summer it was necessary to expand the roster, which did not happen. Fortunately, Leicester did not arrange a sale. Only Chiluela was sold to Chelsea for a very good 52 million and was replaced by Atalanta’s back Timothy Castagne. But still the question of the lack of rotation remained open. If Leicester is lucky and the leaders are not seriously injured, and the main goalscorer Jamie Vardy is in good shape, the club may well wedge into the European Cup zone.

Next in line is Wolverhampton. Espirito Santo has a much longer bench than Rogers. In the 19/20 season, he could rebuild the team’s play if necessary without compromising the result. Problems arose only with performance – only 51 goals were scored in 38 rounds. It is important that they managed to keep the swift-footed Adam Traore, and to replace Jimenez they took the young Fabian Silva, who, of course, is not ideal, but can compete for a place in the start. The Wolves did not become stronger than the previous one. season, so Everton can be called the main contender for getting into the TOP-6.

The Toffees managed to keep their main striker, Richarlison, acquired the star James Rodriguez, who worked a lot with Carlo Ancelotti and spent his best season with him, as well as Allan, literally gnawing balls from an opponent in the holding zone. The Brazilian, by the way, also played under the leadership of Ancelotti, but only in Napoli. In general, the team gathered in Everton is solid, but will the players be able to compete with the giants of English football? Let’s talk about this closer to the middle of the season.