5 exercises to keep your body fit at home

Sports grounds were banned and exercise machines closed – well, okay! Now is the time to choose exercises for yourself and keep your body in shape.

Exercises for one and all do not require any sports equipment. You just have to get up and start doing. Everything else will follow, the results will not be long in coming. TOP 5 exercises for keeping the body in shape at home are suitable for beginners and experienced athletes.

Effective and simple exercises at home for everyone

There is no need to look for special equipment to maintain body tone. If there is a horizontal bar – great, no, its weight is enough. After 4-6 weeks of regular training, you can admire the reflection in the mirror and praise yourself for the work done.

Exercise 1: Squats

The main element for working out the legs is done up to 4 approaches, 10 times in each approach. You can rest up to 1 minute between sets. Descend smoothly, within 3 seconds, get up quickly.

The exercise is performed from the starting position: the heels are shoulder-width apart, the toes look to the sides. In the squat, the knees are pulled apart, the pelvis is pulled back. You can lean forward slightly. Standing up, focus on the heels.

5 упражнений, чтобы держать тело в форме в домашних условиях

Squat depth is maximum, keep your lower back straight .

For advanced athletes, add a half-squat to the squat: sit in a full squat, stand up to parallel with the floor, sit down again (slowly) and stand up. Do 20 repetitions to tighten the muscles of the legs, buttocks .

Exercise 2: Dips while lying on the floor

This popular exercise is a must for anyone who wants to tighten the muscles of the triceps, chest, front delta. Push-ups from the floor are performed by standing on the palms of the hands and the toes of the toes. The pace is steady, the movement down is slow for up to 5 seconds, getting up at normal speed.

5 упражнений, чтобы держать тело в форме в домашних условиях

Beginner athletes will need up to 4 sets of 10 repetitions, experienced ones do up to 6 sets. If it is difficult to do push-ups on the floor, kneel or do vertical push-ups from the wall .

Exercise 3: Pulling Your Core

To complete the exercise, do this:

  • lie on the floor;
  • bend the knees;
  • one hand is put behind the head, the other is placed on the stomach;
  • raise the upper body and lower it.

The slower the rise and fall, the better the muscle mass is worked out. For beginners, 5 sets of 5 reps are enough, experienced athletes need up to 10 sets.

5 упражнений, чтобы держать тело в форме в домашних условиях

When doing the element, do not lower the shoulders to the floor in order to feel full tension in the muscles of the core .

Exercise 4: Standard Plank

After completing the element to strengthen the muscles of the core, they rise to the bar. For beginners, holding the bar for 30 seconds is enough. With each subsequent workout, increase the time in the bar by 5 seconds. In the process of performing the exercise, strain the abs, do not bend the lower back and watch the shoulder blades – they should be divorced .

5 упражнений, чтобы держать тело в форме в домашних условиях

Exercise 5: Abs and Legs

To perform the famous exercise “60-90-60”, lie down on the floor, take your legs off the floor and raise them vertically. Keep your legs extended upward for about 30 seconds, lower. You need up to 10 repetitions in total.

5 упражнений, чтобы держать тело в форме в домашних условиях