4 magic exercises to tighten your inner thighs

Women always want to have a beautiful figure and a toned body. As practice shows, it is almost impossible to achieve the desired result without playing sports. However, coming to the gym, many girls do not know which simulators to give preference to in order to achieve the desired result. Today we will tell you about several effective exercises that will help tighten the muscles in the buttocks and inner thighs, as well as effectively reduce these zones in size.

Thigh muscle training features

The inner thighs are a problem area for many women. To keep the adductor muscles in good shape, fitness trainers recommend including several simple exercises in the workout.

Smith Machine Squat

In this case, the inner thighs and buttocks are working. Place the bar between your legs. Legs wide apart, toes and knees spread apart. The neck should serve as a support. Sit down gently. To create an additional load, strain your buttocks at the top point and fix this position for a few seconds. Do not tilt your back, keep it straight. Perform 20 squats. The first approach should be done without weight, then a weight can be added.

Getting rid of excess fat in the thigh area can be quite problematic. If a woman does not have any hormonal disruptions, then the first thing she needs to do is to reconsider her diet. It should also be understood that it is almost impossible to remove fat deposits in some area, since adipose tissue does not leave locally.

It is best to approach the solution of the problem in a complex way – while the amount of energy expended per day should exceed the amount of energy obtained from food. Fractional meals are also shown – up to five times a day in small portions.

Ruslan Panov – expert methodologist, fitness trainer

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Forward Deadlift

The inner and back of the thighs are being worked out. Take two small dumbbells weighing up to five kilograms, hold them slightly in front of you. Take a small forward lunge and concentrate your weight on your heel. Point the toe of your front foot up. Take the fifth point back, bend your legs slightly at the knees. Keep your back straight. Move forward gradually, trying to stretch the back of the thigh. Take twenty steps one way, then immediately the other.

Crossover Swing Squat

The inner thighs and muscles of the fifth point are being worked out. Move away from the machine and take a wide step to the side. Sit down, then kick to the side. Support the end of the machine with your hand. Do the exercise gently, ten repetitions per leg.

Gravitron bench press

This pull-up machine is great for training your legs, glutes and thighs. Place your foot on the platform so that your heel is your main fulcrum. Lower the platform down and gently stretch your leg up to waist level. Lean forward a little, this will direct the load to the inner and back of the thigh. Do several reps 20 times on each leg.