3 morning miracle exercises to burn belly and side fat

Being the owner of a fit and attractive figure is the dream of many women and men. We want to bring to your attention a special set of several exercises that you need to do in the morning. It will speed up the process of fat burning and help you lose weight faster without any titanic efforts.

Why fat loss workouts are best done in the morning

Any qualified fitness trainer will tell you that the maximum effect of fat burning workouts will be achieved if done in the morning.

3 утренних чудо-упражнения, сжигающих жир на животе и боках

The fact is that after a night in the human body, the level of glycogen is lowest. Provided, of course, if the person was asleep, and not awake and ate everything that he sees in the refrigerator. That is why in the morning it is easiest to speed up metabolism and force the body to take energy from fat. This, in fact, is necessary for those who wish to part with the hated extra pounds.

Running is an effective way to burn fat, but not for everyone

Obviously, one of the most effective fat loss methods is running. But here it is important to understand that it is not suitable for everyone. For example, a girl with a height of 160 cm and a body weight of 85 kg will sooner get health problems than lose weight.

3 утренних чудо-упражнения, сжигающих жир на животе и бокахThis is why we are looking at effective fat burning moves that suit absolutely everyone.

Jogging is contraindicated for people with severe obesity, at least in the first months of losing weight. The cardiovascular system is simply not ready for such loads. Knee joints can also be affected, making the situation even more difficult. Heavily obese people should replace running with walking and fat burning workouts at home.

Fitness trainer, Elena Markova

We figured out that it is better to train in the morning, and if a person is too obese, then he cannot run. We now turn to a look at effective weight loss moves that can do anything.

Exercise # 1 – lifting the hips off the floor while lying down

We lay a gymnastic rug on the floor and lie down on it with our backs. Hands along the torso, palms look at the floor. We bend our knees and raise them with a deep breath, trying to bring them to shoulder level.

3 утренних чудо-упражнения, сжигающих жир на животе и боках

We fix this body position for 5-10 seconds, depending on our capabilities. After that, we exhale, returning in parallel to the starting position. An important point – try to feel the work of the abdominal muscles, if necessary, strain them additionally. Do 8-10 reps.

Exercise “No. 2 – lifting the body while lying down

This is the second exercise that should be done after lifting the hips after a few minutes of rest.

We lie on our back and raise our legs – an angle of 90 degrees. At the same time, we stretch our arms forward. Next, you need to raise the body so that you could reach your toes with your fingertips. If it is too difficult, then you can raise the body as much as you can.

3 утренних чудо-упражнения, сжигающих жир на животе и боках

Movements should be smooth, avoid jerking.

Exercise # 3 – alternating knees “pulling up”

The final exercise in our morning complex.

Lie on your back, bend your arms at the elbows and put them behind your head. We tear our legs off the floor and bend them at the knees. With the left elbow we stretch to the right knee, then vice versa, with the right elbow – to the left knee.

3 утренних чудо-упражнения, сжигающих жир на животе и боках