3 Effective Exercises for a Sexy Slim Waist – Tested

TOP 3 exercises for a thin sexy waist that every girl dreams of!  Beautiful hips, firm butt, flat tummy – it’s all great! But without harmony with a thin waist, they lose, they lose their hypnotic charm.

It is the contrast between the width of the hips and the waist that gives the desired wow effect.

Many people think that by strengthening the abdominal muscles, they automatically strengthen the waist. This is mistake! Massage complex “Brazilian ass”, training for the hip area, healthy balanced diet and even exercises for the press will help you achieve everything except …

In short, this does not mean that your waist will automatically become an aspen. Traditional abdominal exercises strengthen the rectus abdominis muscles, i.e. work out the famous “cubes”.

To get an hourglass shape, you need to use the oblique muscles, i.e. perform special exercises. They are in front of you. There are only 3 of them, but there is one important condition: to perform it regularly. And then very soon … you will see for yourself!

Let’s go!

First exercise – sitting

You will need a chair and a ball.

Sitting on the edge of a chair, hold the ball in both hands, high above your head. Pull in your stomach, stretch up as far as possible and alternately tilt your body to the right and left, while simultaneously pushing the ball upward with each tilt.

Как сделать тонкую талию - упражнение сидя

Perform 10 bends to each side. Restore breathing within 1 minute and repeat the exercises. In total, you need to do 3 approaches.

Want to complicate things? Increase the number of sets or use a heavier object instead of the ball. For example, a dumbbell weighing 1-1.5 kg. Or a regular bottle that won’t slip out of your hands.

Second exercise – lying down

You will need: a ball.

Lying flat on your side (on a hard surface), with one hand extended upward and resting your head on it, place the ball between your ankles and lift your legs up while holding the ball. With the other hand, you can help yourself a little to maintain balance.

Как сделать тонкую талию - упражнение лежа

Perform 10 movements on each side. Do 3 sets.

To make it more difficult, replace the ball with anklet with weights and move at a slower pace. You can also increase the number of repetitions and approaches.

The third exercise – with an emphasis on the arms

Place your torso along the floor with an emphasis on straight arms and toes. The body, arms and legs should be straight, the buttocks and abdomen should be pulled in, the back should not bend, the gaze should be directed to the floor.

Bring your knee to the opposite elbow, twisting your torso as much as possible to engage the obliques. Alternate movements with your right foot, then with your left foot.

Как сделать тонкую талию - упражнение с упором на руки

Perform 10 movements in each direction in turn, recover 1 minute and do 2 more approaches. To increase the difficulty, do the movement more slowly, increase the number of repetitions and approaches.

If you want to quickly tone your waist muscles and make them thinner, you have to work hard and do the exercises 3 times a week, repeating and alternating them, as in the form of a circuit training .

And remember to eat healthy, reduce calories. After all, you know that there is no local fat burning)

If you like the complex, please like it and we will tell you about “ Russian Twist ”. This is the name of a powerful, effective exercise that works simultaneously on the abs and oblique muscles of the waist.