10 of the most unequal and unusual battles in history

Sport has always been, is and will be popular all over the world. And each species has its own fans. A separate niche is occupied by martial arts. Mixed martial arts and boxing are most in demand among the audience. Today’s article focuses on the most unequal duels in history.

Eric “Butterbeen” Ash – Genki Sudou

This fight was held according to the rules of mixed martial arts, and there were American Eric Ash, nicknamed “Butterbean”, which translates as “Butter”, and Japanese MMA fighter Genki Sudo.

10 самых неравных и необычных боев в истории

This confrontation attracted public attention by the fact that the fighters had a huge difference in weight. “Butterbin”, with an increase of 171 centimeters, showed more than 180 kilograms on the scales. And the Japanese athlete, with a height of 175 centimeters, weighed 75 kilograms. So it turns out that Eric had a weight advantage of a whole centner! True, this did not help the fighter from the USA to win. The Japanese circled around his opponent and at some point knocked him down. This was followed by a painful hold on the leg and submission. For the sake of fairness, we note that the fight took place on the “field” of the Japanese – according to the MMA rules, and Eric Ash is a boxer.

Fedor Emelianenko – Zuluzinho

This fight was also classified as “David vs. Goliath”. And, perhaps, the most famous Russian mixed-style fighter Fedor Emelianenko played the role of the “kid”. Although, of course, it is difficult to call him small – with an increase of 183 centimeters, his combat weight was about 105 kilograms. But his rival was a real giant. The Brazilian weighed 175 kilograms in battle with a height of 201 centimeters.

10 самых неравных и необычных боев в истории

However, the difference in dimensions did not affect the final result. Odds of bookmakers like Parimatch were in favor of Fedor, and for good reason, because the Russian fighter knocked out the Brazilian in 26 seconds.

Bob Sapp – Kiyoshi Tamura

American Bob Sapp scared his opponents with his appearance. Height 196 centimeters, weight – almost 160 kilograms. And all these are muscles. Once he went into the ring to a thin Japanese man. There were no surprises in the battle. The giant from the United States dealt with his opponent as quickly as possible.

They say that weight categories in martial arts were invented for a reason. And this is true. But dimensions always decide the outcome. Sometimes the one who is stronger in spirit and more skilled wins.

Alexey Dontsov, MS in boxing

James Thomson – Giant Silva

American Thomson is a tall and athletic athlete. Height 197 centimeters, weight – about 120 kg. However, he was opposed by a real giant (217 cm and 175 kg). Many expected the Brazilian wrestler to realize his physical advantage, but Thomson was a more skilled fighter and won.

10 самых неравных и необычных боев в истории

The Great Cali – Irish Dwarf

This event took place as part of a wrestling show. It is clear that there was no real fight there. But the difference in size still caused both bewilderment and delight.

Mighty Mo – Caoklai Caennorsing

Mighty Mo is a professional fighter without rules, heavyweight. Height 185 cm, weight – under 130 kg. In 2004, he found himself in the ring with a Thai boxer who weighed less than 100 kg. The difference in size was enormous. But Kaoklai caught his big opponent and knocked him out with a kick.

Wladimir Klitschko – Corey Sanders

And this is professional boxing, heavyweight. Champion Klitschko faced outsider Sanders. On the side of the Ukrainian boxer, there was height, weight and talent. Imagine the audience’s surprise when Corey Sanders managed to defeat Vladimir in just a few rounds.

10 самых неравных и необычных боев в истории

Wanda Worth – Anne Wolfe

The famous Wanda Worth surpassed her rival in height and weight, everyone considered her the favorite. But Ann Wolfe entered the ring and did her job – knocked out her rival.

Emmanuelle Yarborough – Tatsuo Nakano

Another fight in which we could observe a huge difference in weight. Professional sumo wrestler Yarborough weighed 400 kg, while his rival – about 100. The giant knocked the Japanese down and fell on top of him. The battle was over.

10 самых неравных и необычных боев в истории