An example of a menu for a week for weight loss with a sedentary lifestyle

An example of a menu for a week for weight loss with a sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary work plus a sedentary lifestyle are the reasons for the appearance of excess weight. You can complain about your fate, continuing to eat sandwiches with sausage with pleasure, or you can pull yourself together and change your diet. A little persistence and patience, and the first results will be visible in a month. There will be no special difficulties, you won’t even have to flatly give up your favorite caramels and cakes.

Пример меню на неделю для похудения при сидячем образе жизни

The main reasons for the appearance of excess weight with a sedentary lifestyle

Actually, there is only one reason – lack of physical activity. Hence the consequences:

  1. Lack of a balanced diet leads to an excess of calories. These surpluses are deposited in problem areas in the form of fat folds.
  2. Violation of blood circulation leads to stagnation of blood flow in the internal organs.
  3. A quick morning snack, lack of adequate nutrition at lunchtime is a guarantee of an evening overeating.

Sedentary work does not require physical effort, but uses all the energy of the brain. And, as you know, the brain “loves” sweets. Fast carbohydrates give the necessary amount of strength to the brain, but do not nourish the body in any way, do not saturate the organs with useful substances. As a result, the body receives a huge amount of sugar from fast carbohydrates, processes some of it, and stores the rest in problem areas.

Constantine, nutritionist

Removing the causes of obesity, it is easy to get rid of the consequences.

Пример меню на неделю для похудения при сидячем образе жизни

Sample menu for weight loss with a sedentary lifestyle

The diet will consist of several basic rules:

  1. Quality breakfast. From 08.00 to 12.00 you can eat whatever your heart desires. Let it be fast carbohydrates (along with complex ones), dairy, cereal and meat dishes. Breakfast should be such that it satiates a person before lunch.
  2. Lunch no earlier than 14.00. Give preference to lean meat, non-starchy vegetables, unsweetened fruits.
  3. Dinner no later than 19.00. Fish, vegetables are all that you can eat. The fish should be steamed or boiled, no canned food, marinades and smoked meats. Fish can be replaced with lean poultry.
  4. Drink plenty of clean drinking water without gas. Water helps to restore water, salt, lipid and lipid metabolism and helps to remove processed products from the body.

You can drink coffee or tea with sugar and milk, but only before lunch. From 20.00 to 08.00 drink water and tea without sugar and milk. This diet combines two principles – the normalization of calories and intermittent fasting for 12 hours .

Пример меню на неделю для похудения при сидячем образе жизни

Following the rules, you can create a sample menu for every day:

  • Monday : porridge with milk, bread and butter, cereal soup with meat, fish with salad.
  • Tuesday : omelet, meat sandwiches, borscht with sour cream and boiled eggs, boiled chicken with salad.
  • Wednesday : salad with mayonnaise and potatoes, sweet cheese cakes, cabbage soup or pickle, baked fish with tomatoes.
  • Thursday : pancakes with cheese and chicken, ukha, steamed cutlets with green peas.
  • Friday: sandwiches with cheese and sausage, porridge with milk, noodles, boiled chicken with beans.
  • Saturday : barley porridge with butter, sandwiches, pilaf with beef, steamed fish cakes and salad.
  • Sunday : omelet with mushrooms and peas, pancakes with butter, vegetable soup, steamed cutlets with rice and salad.

If you do not forget the main rule and eat high-calorie food before 12.00, the results will be significant, and they will become noticeable in about 2 weeks . And all this without grueling training and a complete rejection of goodies.

Prohibited foods in a sedentary lifestyle

Leaving some sweets and pastries, you will have to give up some products. The categorical prohibition applies to:

  • any alcohol, including pharmaceutical tinctures of peony, motherwort, etc.;
  • canned fish – it contains a lot of salt and sugar;
  • sweet and savory soda;
  • smoked and fried foods, unless made by yourself;
  • excess fats, including vegetable fats – you should remove spreads, refined oils from the diet (leave natural butter and virgin vegetable oils).

You can drink mineral water only on the recommendation of a doctor. Self-consumption of mineralized water leads to the formation of kidney stones, urinary and gall bladders, and liver. In addition, mineral water will lead to excessive or insufficient stomach acidity, cardiovascular and lung diseases .

Пример меню на неделю для похудения при сидячем образе жизни

Foods to limit in a sedentary diet

Should be slightly limited:

  • salt and sugar – they retain water in the body;
  • too sweet desserts with fatty creams (replace with healthier fruits, nuts, dried fruits);
  • fatty fresh fish and meat;
  • high fat dairy products.

A categorical and complete rejection of natural fats and sugars can provoke a deterioration in brain function. And this should not be allowed, so you should limit consumption gradually.

Пример меню на неделю для похудения при сидячем образе жизни

Simple sedentary exercise

To achieve effective results, experts recommend including in the schedule a minimum physical activity. These can be the simplest activities:

  • walk for half an hour once a day;
  • walking in the hallway, climbing stairs (refuse the elevator);
  • raising and lowering legs under the table for 10-15 minutes;
  • static (no movement) tension and weakening of body muscles for 10 minutes;
  • stand against the wall no more than 10 minutes a day – you need to stand upright, pressing your heels, buttocks, shoulder blades and head against the wall.

If you do exercises for at least half an hour a day, the body will begin to use fat stores, and weight loss will be even faster. In addition, exercise activates metabolic processes and blood supply, improves immunity and contributes to the overall health of the body.